4 Cleaning Tasks to Schedule at Your Company During Summer Vacations

company floor ready for cleaning because employees on summer vacationYou know what we’re talking about: during many summer weeks, your company looks like a ghost town with all the employees taking vacation.  It makes sense, right?  Summer is the perfect time for summer employee vacations because of the beautiful weather.  While they are away on vacation, it’s also the perfect time for owners and managers to take advantage of your empty building to get a few key maintenance and cleaning projects done.

Floor cleaning

Office areas, production floors, and warehouses are all targets of damage from employees trekking in mud, salt, gravel, and snow from the sidewalks and parking lot.  That seasonal grime gets ground deep into your carpet fibers and tiles, causing long-term damage, earlier-than-normal replacement rates, and a slick surface ripe for slips and falls.  That’s why an investment in a quality floor cleaning during the summer can save you the headaches and expenses of worker compensation claims later.  Scheduling a summer floor cleaning during a light staffing time allows your floors to get done all at once while minimizing interruptions that can decrease productivity.

Light building projects/remodeling

Removing and replacing ceiling tiles. Fixing drywall patches. Painting walls. Fixing and repairing HVAC units. Building inner offices.  The list can go and on of projects that need to be done when your company is not at full staff, and summer is a prime time to schedule projects while individual employees are on vacation so they do not have to deal with the dust and mess while at their desk or working on the floor.

Parking lot maintenance

Summer is an ideal time for sealing and parking lot repairs and maintenance because the weather is ideal.  A weekend with a light staff (or no staff) is even more perfect; you won’t have to deal with finding alternate parking spaces for employees or deal with complaining from employees having to hike to work.

Restroom deep cleaning & repairs

Depending on the amount of use of your commercial restroom, schedule an annual or bi-annual deep clean of your company restrooms (this can also be advantageous during times when a contagious illness is spreading throughout your business).  A company restroom deep cleaning should include all the elements of a regular cleaning plus grout and tile scrubbing, thorough cleaning of all toilets, disinfection of all surfaces, cleaning and removing graffiti, and washing down walls.

Schedule your restroom deep cleaning during summer vacations (such as right before Labor Day or the 4th of July) when there is not a lot of traffic entering and exiting the restrooms.  If you don’t have employee availability or a large enough staff for an adequate deep clean, hire a cleaning service to take on the job.

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