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Commercial Floor Maintenance Tips

Commercial floor maintenance may not be at the top of your facility maintenance list, but it’s important for the health of your business and everyone in it. Use these tips to get your business floors clean, and keep them that way. Use industrial rugs to your advantage. If you want to keep all the debris

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Outsource versus in-house: What option is right for your company cleaning?

Every company manager has to answer the question at some point: “should our company hire an employee or cleaning crew for our facility?”  As tempting as it might be to answer with “well, we’ve always done it this way,” the question should be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis to determine which cleaning solution

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4 Cleaning Tasks to Schedule at Your Company During Summer Vacations

You know what we’re talking about: during many summer weeks, your company looks like a ghost town with all the employees taking vacation.  It makes sense, right?  Summer is the perfect time for summer employee vacations because of the beautiful weather.  While they are away on vacation, it’s also the perfect time for owners and

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3 BIG Reasons to Schedule a Commercial Floor Cleaning

The forces of winter can have a significant impact on businesses. From the interruptions in productivity due to snow removal to delays in shipping, winter weather affects almost every aspect of day-to-day operations—including your facility flooring. While a commercial floor cleaning may seem insignificant, a good quality floor cleaning can have a positive effect in

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