5 Key Areas (Usually) Forgotten When Sanitizing the Office

Cleaning to avoid the flu, cold, and even coronavirus should be near the top of every facility manager’s checklist. The Center for Disease Control statistics for influenza and COV-19 are astounding; thousands of Americans are infected with these dangerous infections. The spread of infections can drastically affect a business’ bottom line, especially when sick employees reduce productivity and interrupt service and product delivery.


Though computers, tablets, and smartphones are used frequently throughout the day, they are often the last items to be disinfected. However, these items are usually ground zero because of their frequent use and contact with germs. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for computers and smartphones to get sneezed on or touched after a cough. Business electronics are also usually kept with employees, complicating a full company sanitation. However, companies can provide the cleaning supplies and directions to employees so they can clean their electronics to avoid the flu and other infectious diseases.


Besides electronics, restrooms are another common area for the spread of germs. While restroom cleaning is usually on the office cleaning checklist, a full restroom sanitation should include often-overlooked surfaces. In addition to countertops, every restroom door knob and handle (including dispensers) is completely cleaned and disinfected. For optimal productivity, schedule a full restroom sanitation when staffing is low (i.e. evening, early morning, overnight).


The company kitchen is a hot spot for germs, but it’s rarely cleaned or deep cleaned. When cleaning to avoid the flu, a kitchen deep clean should be included on the list. The kitchen deep clean should include cleaning all countertops, tabletops, chairs, appliances (especially knobs), faucets, cabinet handles, and any other surfaces touched or used by employees. When the flu season is in full swing, schedule a company kitchen cleaning daily (with disinfection) and a regular deep clean.

Door Handles

Door handles are one of the most commonly touched surfaces in a workplace; unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked during a deep clean. In addition to every interior door knob, a full company disinfection should include the exterior door handles (and doors), interior door handles, metal plates on restroom doors, restroom stall doors, and even machine doors. Even storage room doors need a regular disinfection to protect employees.

Common Areas

There are many common areas in a company facility that are targets for germs: conference rooms, printers and storage areas, and lobbies. Though businesses usually tackle phones and cubicles, these common areas often catch germs from employee and visitor sneezes, coughs, and contacts. A full-facility disinfection should include every surface and button, and be done regularly until cold and flu season subsides.

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