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5 BIG Facility Disinfection Tips for a Healthy Workplace

Facility disinfections are a vital part of ensuring employee health and safety and go a step beyond a full office cleaning. A facility cleaning ensures that dirt and germs are reduced, while a facility disinfection completely eliminates germs. That’s why the latter needs to be a top priority for businesses during the pandemic, flu season,

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5 Key Areas (Usually) Forgotten When Sanitizing the Office

Cleaning to avoid the flu, cold, and even coronavirus should be near the top of every facility manager’s checklist. The Center for Disease Control statistics for influenza and COV-19 are astounding; thousands of Americans are infected with these dangerous infections. The spread of infections can drastically affect a business’ bottom line, especially when sick employees

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10 Germ Free Office Cleaning Tips for Businesses

Disinfecting furniture and workplace equipment may not seem like the most exciting office cleaning task, but it’s a downright necessity during the busy cold and flu season in Wisconsin. For businesses, it’s a task that should be high on the facility maintenance checklist. More than 35,000,000 Americans got sick with influenza last year, according to

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