6 Times When We All Need (or wish for) a Cleaner

Even the most dedicated (or obsessed) clean-a-holic has days when they wish a cleaner would come in and save the day. Don’t we all just wish we could just snap and make the mess go away? Though we all try to deny those days exist, we’re calling out those “cleaning burned-out” moments:

  1. Your in-laws call. They’ll be over in 10 minutes. When you’re working, and running the kids around, and traveling, and, and, and… When life gets hectic, and stays hectic, something’s got to give. If that give is a clean house, cheat. Hire a cleaning service to maintain a clean house, so those last minute cleanings before your guests come over are not so frantic.
  2. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Able to stay ahead of the mess except for the holidays? Or need some help when your house needs a deep clean that your military father approves during white glove inspection? Hire cleaners on a quarterly basis, or for those days when you need a little extra help before your family invades. Remember, you don’t have to tell anyone that you hired cleaning help. It can be you and your cleaner’s dirty little secret.
  3. Puppy problems got you down. When your new puppy is not taking to potty training as easily as you anticipated, or you’re grossed out by your nasty floors, don’t rent one of those cheap floor cleaners from the hardware store. Give your floors a deep clean from professionals who know how to get your floors sparkling.
  4. No amount of air freshener can cover up the smell of a dirty office. You don’t need to name any names, but if your employee’s office is an embarrassment, or business is going so well that you don’t have time to clean the office, call the pros. Hire a cleaning service that can come during your business off time so you arrive to a clean office or warehouse that you can be proud of when your customers arrive.
  5. When you’ve had a new baby. You aren’t sleeping and are on medical restrictions. Treat yourself to a clean house in lieu of a full night’s sleep (you deserve it!). Perhaps you can even get a nap in while they clean?
  6. When your son (or co-worker) misses the toilet. No words needed. We had a friend who had a cleaner only come in to clean her bathrooms. This is why.

Though your mess might not be simple to clean up, the solution to your problem is simple: call a professional cleaning service to clean your Wisconsin home. Do you have any other times to add to the list? What did we miss?

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