8 Signs You Need a House Cleaner

happy family in clean houseAdmitting you need help cleaning your house can be difficult.  After all, you’re an independent adult, a diligent worker, and an accomplished multi-tasker, right? Turns out, no.  Even with your best efforts, keeping a clean house, maintaining a full work schedule, plus having time for fun and hobbies, and…well, it all adds up.  Hiring a professional house cleaner can take at least one item off your to do list, and keep your household functioning at max capacity.  So when do you know when it’s time to hire a house cleaner?  We’ve listed some red flags that should cause you to pick up the phone (or the laptop).

You lose everything.

Even if it’s just psychological, most families can function better in a clean house. Part of that is the fact that it’s easier to find what you need (such as that shirt for your kid’s concert) and stay organized when you don’t have to wade through the piles of dust and stuff.

You (or someone in your home) have allergies or asthma.

If you can’t dust without an asthma or allergy attack, hire a house cleaner who can get the job done without an inhaler.  A house cleaner can also keep your home cleaner, improving the air quality and lessening your symptoms from household dust.

You’re selling your home.

A dirty house is going to drive away potential buyers by droves.  Even if you’ve never hired a house cleaner before, consider hiring a house cleaner for a deep clean.  Your house cleaner can scrub your tubs and tile, deep clean your floors, and give your home the full once-over that attracts buyers.

You panic every time someone says they’re coming over.

Entertaining should be a pleasant experience, not an “I-didn’t-clean-my-house-and-I’m-stressed-about-what-they’ll-think” kind of event where you are paranoid about every speck of dust that you didn’t have time to clean.  Hire a house cleaner that can keep your home clean in between guests so it’s easier to prepare for friends and family visits.

You feel like you spend all your time cleaning.

Whether your priorities have names, or are hobbies, you don’t always want to spend all your spare time cleaning your home. Hiring a home cleaning service gives you the freedom to spend you off-time off. If you travel for work, having outside cleaning help means a clean home, and someone to check in on your home (to make sure the pipes haven’t burst!), when you are away.

You feel overwhelmed by all the clutter.

If the pile of stuff in your home is giving you a panic attack, it’s time to make less clutter a priority—without having to take off from work.  Hire a home cleaner to start cleaning out your home so you can enjoy homeownership.

You need to prioritize your time.

The old saying, “time is money” applies here.  If you need time to work—time that’ll make you money instead of spending it cleaning—hire a house cleaner to come in while you work.  Your house cleaner can get your home as clean as you would (and all the tasks you request) while you pad your pocketbook.

You’re sick of the dust that piles up while you’re not around.

If you travel a lot, and the dust just piles up when you’re gone, hire a house cleaning service that can take care of your home while you’re away.  The perk is that when you are home, you can just be…home.  And not cleaning.

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