8 Easy Cleaning Tips from Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

Bathroom cleaning services are a top homeowner request. While it may not be a favorite house cleaning task, it doesn’t have to be a hard one—especially with this list of easy bathroom cleaning tips.

Start at the top.

Want to avoid cleaning and re-cleaning the bathroom? Start cleaning at the top, such as a high shelf, top of a shower surround, bathroom fan, or light fixture. This simple bathroom cleaning tip ensures that surfaces don’t have to be re-cleaned if dust or grime falls from a high surface.

Make a list.

A bathroom cleaning checklist is extremely helpful because it helps the cleaner focus and ensures that every cleaning task on the list is complete. It’s also easy to use; print out a bathroom cleaning checklist for each bathroom and start checking items off. As a bonus, it feels really good to check each item off and get one step closer to a clean bathroom.

Squeegee the shower regularly.

Just like the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” a little bathroom cleaning minimizes the amount of deep cleans a bathroom needs. One of those tasks is to squeegee the shower regularly, which prevents the build-up of mold and mildew. It can be as simple as a daily squeegee of a glass shower door or a wipe down of shower tiles.

Always turn the bathroom fan on.

This bathroom cleaning tip involves no cleaning at all! A bathroom fan vents moisture out of the room, and keeps mildew and mold from growing. Mold and mildew growth leaves stains on almost every bathroom surface, and requires an intense scrubbing to remove (and sometimes a good coat of paint). To prevent mold and mildew build-up, the bathroom fan needs to be switched on during and after every bath and shower.

Stay on top of drain cleaning.

A clogged drain prevents water from draining, causing soap film to build up in a tub and shower. It’s a real mess to clean up. A regular and simple drain cleaning keeps water flowing freely, and keeps a deep tub scrubbing off the bathroom cleaning checklist.

Soak the shower head.

Many homes in Wisconsin have hard water. The minerals in hard water builds up on shower heads and restricts water flow. Fortunately, there are few natural solutions and cleaners that get rid of hard water minerals so they don’t have to be scrubbed away later. Shower heads should be soaked on a regular basis to prevent clogs and deep cleaning.

Put together a container with bathroom cleaning supplies.

Most homes have more than one bathroom and powder room, which can make bathroom cleaning seam like a really long and endless task. It doesn’t have to be, especially with a container of bathroom cleaning supplies (i.e. shower tile cleaner, toilet cleaner, mirror cleaner, sponges, etc.) The container, a bucket or caddy, can be carried from room to room, speeding up the process, and prevents multiple trips back and forth for supplies.

Choose an experienced local bathroom cleaning service near you.

Of course, the easiest bathroom cleaning tip is to hire a professional bathroom cleaning service for the task. A bathroom cleaning service can do a basic clean or a periodic deep clean. When contacting a bathroom cleaning service, ask them what is included in their service, if they have insurance, if someone needs to be present during the cleaning, if pets should be secured, costs, and if they can provide references. (Use this list of questions when contacting a home cleaner.) The process is fairly easy, and a clean bathroom is even easier to enjoy.

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