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Complete Office Sanitation Checklist and Tips for a Healthy Facility

This office sanitation checklist is a key tool in the fight against viruses and illnesses, allowing businesses to divide the tasks and ensure that the facility is clean and safe. Office Disinfection Tips ALWAYS make sure all cleaning personnel are equipped with protective equipment to ensure that they are safe while disinfecting the facility. Cleaning

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7 Essential Fall Building Maintenance Services that Pay Off

It’s easy to put off fall building maintenance services, especially when there are other tasks that directly impact the bottom line. It’s easy to put machine repairs and other necessary building services at the top of the list. However, re-prioritizing can have long-term financial implications from repairs stemming from long-overdue building maintenance. It makes cents

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10 Cleaning Tips that Protect Office Floors from Snow

Protecting office floors from the ice, snow, and salt that comes with our freezing Midwestern winters is more than just an effort to keep your office presentable. Well-cared for office floors are an effort that also keeps office staff safe and lengthens the life of office floors. The effort to protect office floors starts outside

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Company Shut Down Maintenance: How to Maximize Plant Down Time

Company shut downs are a part of business operations. Plant down time is also an opportunity for necessary maintenance and deep cleaning that can’t occur during regularly scheduled hours. As a commercial property landlord or maintenance manager, a facility shut down is a time that should be optimized. Every second of company shut down should

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