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The Do’s and Dont’s of Office Disinfection

While the COVID-19 pandemic is largely over, many people are still living with the consequences. As many as 4 million people are left unable to work. This highlights the importance of office disinfection. Without regular disinfection, your workers could catch various viruses, such as COVID-19, from the workplace.  So how exactly should you handle disinfecting your

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Office Cleaning: 15 Areas to Disinfect in Your Wisconsin Business

Office cleaning has become incredibly important to ensure the safety of employees and customers. As Wisconsin businesses re-open, it’s time for management and employees to step up their office cleaning and become more cognizant of regular cleaning and disinfection. To be clear, cleaning is the process of ridding items and surfaces of dirt and debris.

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Office Cleaning Services: 10 Useful Office Cleaning Tips from the Pros

A dirty office is the source of everything bad: disorganization, bad first impression for customers, allergy attacks, workplace injuries, and the spread of many illnesses. That’s why we’ve put together a complete list of office cleaning tips that get you a safer, cleaner office. (For an after-hours office cleaning, bring in professional office cleaners.)

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How to Keep Your Office Germ Free (with Cleaning Checklist)

The amount of money lost by US employers is staggering; sick employees cost the US more than 500 billion every year. Any business owner or manager can attest to the fact that sick employees are a major disruption. Sick employees can attest to the fact that sick days are no fun and that germs can

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