Your Complete Commercial Cleaning Checklist

This commercial cleaning checklist is the first step in maintaining a clean and welcoming building for employees and visitors. The next step is to select staff members or to hire an outside commercial cleaning service to complete the essential building cleaning. There is a third alternative, which is to divide the commercial cleaning between in-house staff and an external service.

Every commercial building has their own strategy for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. (During times of illness, a commercial facility should go through a full facility sanitation.) This commercial cleaning checklist and list of questions for hiring a commercial cleaning service can complete the process and ensure a clean and sanitized facility.

Commercial Building Cleaning Checklist

Daily Clean

___ Clean front door.

___ Vacuum rugs.

___ Wipe down front office desk and counter.

___ Vacuum carpets.

___ Sweep and clean hard floors.

___ Dust shelves.

___ Clean conference tables and chairs.

___ Wipe down food carts.

___ Clean desks and dividers.

___ Wipe down commonly-used machines (i.e. industrial machines, printers, fax machines, etc.)

___ Clean phones.

___ Empty all trash cans throughout the building.

___ Wipe down kitchen tables and counters.

___ Clean restroom counters and faucets.

___ Wipe down restroom mirrors.

___ Mop restroom floors.

___ Clean toilets.

___ Empty restroom wastebaskets.

Deep Clean (Additional cleaning plus the daily cleaning items)

___ Launder rugs.

___ Clean all toys and magazine racks in visitor areas.

___ Sanitize all door handles (exterior and interior).

___ Disinfect all phones and electronics.

___ Wipe down appliances with disinfecting cleaners.

___ Sanitize all restroom handles (faucets, hand dryers, toilet, etc.)

___ Disinfect conference tables and chairs.

___ Refill hand sanitizers.

___ Sanitize all kitchen appliances.

___ Disinfect kitchen chairs and cabinet handles.

___ Clean light fixtures.

___ Dust shelves and window coverings.

___ Disinfect chairs and desks.

___ Sanitize waste baskets.

___ Deep clean floors.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Questions

Do you have experience cleaning commercial buildings? How long have you been in business?

Do you carry insurance? Can you provide proof?

What is the cost of service?

Are all employees background checked?

Who do we contact if we have issues with the cleaning services?

Does your service offer sanitizing and disinfecting services?

Can you clean a facility during off-hours (evening or overnight if needed)?

Do we need to provide cleaning products?

Can you provide a quote for this list of cleaning services?

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