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hoarding cleanup services

8 Signs it’s Time to Hire Hoarding Cleanup Services in Jefferson

Projections show that the global cleaning services market will reach a value of $111.5 billion by 2030. Professional cleaning services can be useful in a range of situations. Generally, when things decline to a certain point, it becomes unrealistic to take care of them yourself. Hoarding is a typical example. When hoarding gets out of

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death cleanup companies

A Complete Guide to Death Cleanup Companies

Most of us have seen a crime scene in a television show at some point in our lives, but have you ever stopped to think about who takes care of the aftermath in real life? Something you hope to never have to think about is what happens to the home after a suicide? Who do

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biohazard cleanup companies

Biohazard Cleanup Companies: How to Hire the Right Company

Every year, 320,000 workers around the world die from diseases caused by exposure to biological hazards. Whether these hazards are bodily fluids, like blood or feces, biohazards are not safe to clean up on your own. Hiring biohazard cleanup companies will ensure that these materials are cleaned up properly and efficiently.  Do you want to

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commercial floor cleaning

Top Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

You ease yourself onto the massage table and gently place your head in the face port. Just before you close your eyes to enjoy your relaxing massage, you take a look at the floor. And it’s not a pretty sight. Clean floors are essential for making a great first impression in just about any business.

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office cleaning companies

What to Look For in Office Cleaning Companies

It’s been said that a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. Turns out there’s some truth in that. A clean desk can increase productivity and stamina by 84%. A clean office is essential to keep your employees happy and safe. It can even reduce the amount of sick time people take, as cold and flu

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cleaning jobs

The Hidden Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Jobs

Did you know that over 2 million Americans work in the janitorial services industry in more than 1 million businesses? It’s true that cleaning jobs may not be everybody’s first choice. But there are some great hidden benefits of commercial cleaning jobs that you might not have thought about. If you’re looking for a career

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trauma cleanup companies

What Exactly Do Trauma Cleanup Companies Cover?

After a crime scene or a terrible accident, you may wonder how the scene is cleaned. This is all thanks to trauma cleanup companies. You may think they only clean and sanitize hazardous zones, such as crime scenes and methamphetamine labs. In reality, trauma cleanup is more intricate than you think. Trauma cleanup crews handle more

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Now Hiring 5 Cleaners

Job Details Job Number 3165895 Work Site No Specific Work Location. Positions available in Watertown, Johnson Creek, Jefferson, Hustisford, Iron Ridge, Juneau, Ixonia. Pay $11.00 Per Hour to $20.00 Per Hour. Duration/Usual Hours Per Week Full-Time/Part-Time, 3 to 35 Hours Per Week Shift/Work Days First, Second, Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings and Weekend Shift.Monday-Friday. Schedule depends on

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Watertown cleaning service

How to Get the Most From Your Watertown Cleaning Service

The exterior and interior of your office or retail space have a significant effect on the number of customers you receive. Your business’s curb appeal and the interior is the first thing people notice. For this reason, the appearance of your business can either turn people away or bring in sales.  Maintaining the cleanliness of a

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building cleaning and maintenance services

Improve Office Health With Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The COVID pandemic has changed the American workplace like nothing else before. Now, stay-at-home orders have become a thing of the past. Employers are trying everything possible to encourage their employees back into the office. The problem is, a survey suggests only 17% of employees want to come back every day of the week. To help

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