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Declutter Your Home

5 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Home

According to one recent study, more than half (54%) of all Americans say they’re overwhelmed with the amount of clutter they have in their homes and offices. Yet, 78% say they don’t know what to do about the problem, so they allow the mess to build.  If you’ve let clutter accumulate, you know that the issue

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Water Damage

Water Damage Cleaning Guide for Homeowners

In 2020, water damage and freezing accounted for almost 20% of homeowner’s insurance claims. Water damage can cause major problems in a home and can be costly as well. While it’s important to prevent instances of water damage in the first place, you should also know what to do in case something happens. Taking the right

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office cleaning

How Regular Office Cleaning Ensures a Healthy Work Environment

Healthy working conditions are essential to a successful office. An important part of creating and maintaining a healthy work environment is regular office cleaning. Not only does it make your workspace look neat and tidy, but having routine cleanings can improve air quality, reduce the spread of illness, enhance employee morale, decrease stress levels, and

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Crime Scene Cleanup Company

What To Look For in a Crime Scene Cleanup Company

Did you know that crime rates in the US have been steadily declining for the past decade? That’s great news, but unfortunately, crimes still happen. When they do, there’s a lot to clean up.  That’s where crime scene cleanup companies come in. These companies specialize in cleaning up after violent crimes, accidents, and other traumatic

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Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

5 Tips to Help Find the Best Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

Every year, more than 82% of adults visit their doctor’s office at least once. That statistic often makes for some busy medical clinics! With that in mind, it’s important to choose an amazing cleaning company that can give you the quality service you deserve.  Choosing the right clinic cleaning services can be tough. This is

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restroom cleaning services

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Restroom Cleaning Services

A recent survey found that customers spend more at businesses with clean restrooms. Restroom cleaning services will leave your bathrooms sparkling clean! And let’s face it – cleaning a toilet is a dirty job that people don’t want to do! The benefits of a restroom cleaning service include getting professional help and saving you time and

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medical clinic cleaning services

What to Expect From Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

Dodge County, WI, now has a population of almost 90,000. Everyone in the county, as well as people from surrounding areas, need medical care. And all of these clinics need specialist cleaning services to help keep them ticking over.  Cleaning services are the backbone of medical services since an improperly cleaned practice could be at

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Air Quality Inside Your Office

The Importance of Maintaining Good Air Quality Inside Your Office

A staggering 91% of the world’s population breathes in heavily polluted air. Indoor air quality is as important to think about as outdoor air quality, especially considering the time we spend in our homes and offices.  So, when was the last time you considered the air quality inside your office?  If it’s been some time,

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

5 Tips for Commercial Floor Cleaning

Do you live in Dodge or Jefferson County, WI, and own a commercial building? If so, one of the biggest challenges you may face when you own a business space is the task of commercial floor cleaning. Many commercial buildings are subject to high foot traffic and constant use. Continued wear and tear on a

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cleaning services

What to Look For in a Commercial Cleaning Service

Remember the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States? It was a time of social distancing, mask mandates, and work-from-home orders.  Adhering to CDC guidelines at a time when the coronavirus was spreading like wildfire, companies in all sectors adopted more stringent sterilization and cleaning processes to keep management, staff, and clients safe. According to IBISWorld,

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