Corporate Office Cleaning Checklist: 5 Things You Can’t Forget

Did you know that employees are happier in a clean work environment? If you’re not keeping up with your office cleaning tasks, you may be lowering employee morale. 

No one wants to be in charge of cleaning the office, but it’s an important job. It can improve the reputation of your business, keep your employees happy and healthy, and prevent larger future messes. 

We’re here to talk about a few things that should always be on your corporate office cleaning checklist, so you don’t forget them. Read on to learn more. 

1. Dust, Sweep, and Vacuum

Dusting and vacuuming is a must in your corporate office. It’s something that you don’t have to do every day, but you do need to try to do it at least once per week.

If you don’t keep up with it, a bit of dust can turn into a layer of grime. Dust creeps up on you, and you may not notice it until you and your employees are feeling allergy symptoms.

Going through the office once per week to dust is a breeze once you establish it as a habit. You can use a clean microfiber cloth to go over desks, shelves, various decor items, and any other large surfaces. 

Vacuuming or sweeping once per week may not be enough if you have heavy foot traffic in your place of business. You can reduce your vacuuming frequency by placing a mat at the entrance of the office for people to dust off their shoes, but this isn’t always effective.

As long as employees and customers are wearing shoes in your office, vacuuming or sweeping will be a necessity. 

Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping all remove “surface dirt,” so it’s best to do them often!

2. Quickly Clean the Kitchen and Break Area

The break area and kitchen (if applicable) can get messy quickly. It’s also an area that many people don’t think about cleaning as often because clients and customers will never see it. 

Every day encourage employees to clean as they go. They should remove coffee grounds from the coffee maker, wipe down the microwave if they make a mess, and clean up any spills or crumbs that they leave behind. 

Every week you should wipe down the refrigerator and clean the floors. 

At least once per month, you should ask employees to remove old food from the refrigerator. 

If there are other kitchen devices, clean them once per week. This includes toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, and more. 

3. Do a Restroom Run-Through

Cleaning the restroom should be an everyday task. You don’t have to do every part every day, but making sure that you’re at least doing surface-level cleaning once per day will stop your restroom from getting messy.

Sweep the floors, remove any water from the counter, and make sure that there’s no soap dripping from the soap dispensers. 

Dust all visible surfaces just as you would elsewhere, even if there’s no obvious dust. 

Once per week you should clean the toilets and mop the floors. Again, if you’re in a high-traffic office, you may have to do this more often (And even daily). Use your best judgment. 

Don’t forget to wipe down the mirrors before you leave the restroom! This is one of the top most-forgotten parts of cleaning an office bathroom. 

Even if it’s not time for your weekly deep clean of the bathroom, it’s a good idea to check on it at the end of the day to make sure nothing is amiss. It’s better to have to do an extra deep clean than it is to have a messy restroom. 

4. Empty Garbage Cans

This is something that you should try to do every day as long as it’s not wasteful. Empty the trash cans, especially if they’re almost full or if they’re in a customer-facing area.

If you want to avoid using too many plastic bags, you can empty small unlined garbage cans into one larger garbage bag that you throw away when it’s full instead of using many tiny garbage bags.

Emptying the garbage cans will make the space look tidier, and it will mean that employees don’t have to disrupt their workflow the next day if they encounter a full garbage can when they need to throw something away. 

5. Wipe Down “Most-Touched” Surfaces

It’s more important than ever to remove bacteria and grime from the surfaces in the office. 

When people touch something in the office, they’re spreading germs accidentally. This happens all day long. Most of the time, as long as everyone is healthy, this isn’t a problem. If someone is carrying an illness, however, they could end up getting the rest of the team sick.

Especially during flu season, make sure you’re wiping down some of the most-touched surfaces at least once per week.

This includes things like doorknobs, light switches, office phones, refrigerator handles, and anything else that comes in contact with multiple people per day.

You don’t want an illness to spread through the office!

Keep This Corporate Office Cleaning Checklist in Mind

Having a clean office is essential, but it takes work! Make sure you have this corporate office cleaning checklist in the back of your mind when you’re doing your routine cleaning. You wouldn’t want to forget anything important! 

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