How to Clean Your Holiday Mess Without Lifting a Finger

Our friend summed up the joy of the holiday season perfectly in her Facebook post,”The last few days were wonderful! Now who’s going to come and clean up the mess?” It’s a holiday dilemma any homeowner can relate to: the joy of the holiday family gatherings, the wonder of a morning of opening presents, the fun of the cookies, wrapping and all the activities that come with the holidays. When it’s all over, you’re left facing the overwhelming reality of a messy house.

This year, give yourself a present: hire a cleaner to come and clean up the holiday mess—and all the messes that 2014 brought to your house. You can schedule when a professional cleaner can come, and get a deep clean that fits your budget. A good cleaning service can:

  • mop your floors,
  • clean up the wrapping paper,
  • deep clean your bathroom,
  • wash your windows,
  • vacuum the holiday messes away,
  • carpet clean away Grandma’s wine spill,
  • get the grout sparkling in your kitchen and bathrooms,
  • remove the cobwebs,
  • wash your walls,
  • get your laundry washed and folded,
  • get the rec room ready for winter fun.

Choose a local cleaning service that has professional cleaners available to come when you need them at an affordable price. When they’re done, you won’t even remember all the messes, just the good times from your holiday parties. You, and your house, can reset and get ready for a happy, and clean, new year.

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