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Commercial Floor Cleaning

5 Tips for Commercial Floor Cleaning

Do you live in Dodge or Jefferson County, WI, and own a commercial building? If so, one of the biggest challenges you may face when you own a business space is the task of commercial floor cleaning. Many commercial buildings are subject to high foot traffic and constant use. Continued wear and tear on a

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cleaning jobs

The Hidden Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Jobs

Did you know that over 2 million Americans work in the janitorial services industry in more than 1 million businesses? It’s true that cleaning jobs may not be everybody’s first choice. But there are some great hidden benefits of commercial cleaning jobs that you might not have thought about. If you’re looking for a career

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trauma cleanup companies

What Exactly Do Trauma Cleanup Companies Cover?

After a crime scene or a terrible accident, you may wonder how the scene is cleaned. This is all thanks to trauma cleanup companies. You may think they only clean and sanitize hazardous zones, such as crime scenes and methamphetamine labs. In reality, trauma cleanup is more intricate than you think. Trauma cleanup crews handle more

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building cleaning and maintenance services

Improve Office Health With Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The COVID pandemic has changed the American workplace like nothing else before. Now, stay-at-home orders have become a thing of the past. Employers are trying everything possible to encourage their employees back into the office. The problem is, a survey suggests only 17% of employees want to come back every day of the week. To help

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suicide cleanup companies

Do You Really Need the Services of Suicide Cleanup Companies? A Closer Look

Has your loved one or person you are acquainted with committed suicide? Witnessing a suicide scene can be emotionally, physically, and mentally overwhelming. It’s a situation that most people don’t know how to deal with. Unfortunately, if the suicide took place in your home or property, it’s your responsibility to have the crime scene cleaned

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biohazard cleanup companies

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Biohazard Cleanup Companies

Chances are you have perfected DIY cleaning, but what of biohazard cleaning? When they hear of biohazard material, most people think of tanks with scary labels. But biohazard material involves more than industrial chemicals. Biohazard is any biological material that can cause harm to humans and animals. Whether it’s blood stains or any biohazard waste

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trauma clean up companies

What Can You Expect When Hiring Trauma Clean Up Companies?

The last thing any family or business wants to deal with is a violent crime in their home or on their premises. But the sad fact is that after years of decline, there has been a rise in homicides across the country in the last two years. If you face the unspeakable situation of having

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Suicide Cleanup Companies

Everything You Should Know About Suicide Cleanup Companies

Suicide is among the leading causes of death in the United States. While health professionals all over the country work night and day to aid in the grief and vulnerability that affects those left behind, the question of who cleans up the scene where it happened still lingers. It’s the responsibility of the property owner to have

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suicide crime scene

What Should I Do if My Home Turned Into a Suicide Crime Scene?

Did you know that 700,000 people die from suicide every year? That number is astonishingly high, which means that countless families suffer from eh loss of a loved one. If you are one of these people, we know it is a difficult moment in time for you. However, if you find someone that commits suicide

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