Improve Office Health With Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The COVID pandemic has changed the American workplace like nothing else before.

Now, stay-at-home orders have become a thing of the past. Employers are trying everything possible to encourage their employees back into the office. The problem is, a survey suggests only 17% of employees want to come back every day of the week.

To help your employees make the transition successfully, it’s important that they feel safe in the workplace. They need to know that coming back to work isn’t going to harm their health.

Professional building cleaning and maintenance services are vital. They can help you build this trust in your employees.

What Are Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services?

Before the pandemic, you may have made do with hiring some janitors to come in after hours. These arrangements can be convenient and cost-effective. The problem is that they rarely help you achieve the standards you’re looking for. 

Commercial cleaning and building maintenance services do more than keep the place looking good. Throughout the day, they maintain high standards of hygiene.

They ensure that the office functions. Maintenance services promptly deal with simple issues, such as:

  • Furniture breakages
  • Heating and cooling issues
  • Replacing lighting

When you don’t have a dedicated crew, every one of these small issues impacts productivity. Employees have to take on tasks that are outside of their job description, which can lead to dissatisfaction. 

The Advantage of Outsourcing Cleaning and Maintenance

What you do well is run your business. What we do well is take care of health and safety, and building maintenance.

Commercial building cleaning and maintenance services are key to maintaining high standards. Professional cleaning technicians are highly trained in using EPA-certified disinfectants. 

The CDC has provided guidelines throughout the pandemic for cleaning and disinfecting workplaces. Our janitorial services meet these high standards. We follow stringent protocols and use approved products. 

Inventory Management

To maintain high standards of office health, supplies need to be kept topped up at all times. This includes hand soap, hand sanitizer, tissue products, and cleaning solutions. Commercial cleaning services take care of this and ensure that stocks never run low.

The day crew constantly checks employee restrooms throughout the day. They top up essential supplies.

Consistent, Regular Cleaning

In the workplace, it’s not good enough to provide cleaning at the end of the day when employee kitchens and restrooms are dirty. Regular cleaning and sanitizing, on a schedule, is essential.

When this is not done, it can be unsettling for your employees. That’s especially so at this unprecedented time. If your restrooms and relaxation areas are not consistently clean, you may have a hard time retaining employees.

By providing high-quality cleaning and maintenance services, you send out a strong message to your employees. You care about their working space and job satisfaction, and you want to retain them.

Handle Major Cleaning Projects

When you manage cleaning and maintenance in-house, it’s easy for monthly or yearly cleaning projects to get overlooked. Janitorial services schedule all cleaning projects, including:

  • Window washing
  • Power washing public outdoor spaces
  • Carpet cleaning

Car park cleaning is an important but often overlooked service. Your car park is likely your first chance to make an impression on potential clients. What kind of an image are you projecting?

If there is garbage blowing around, and weeds coming out of every crack in the asphalt, it’s not going to inspire confidence. Allow professional janitorial services to keep them clean and weed-free. 

There’s no need to provide specialist cleaning equipment for these tasks. Highly trained technicians complete these potentially risky jobs safely. This allows your workplace to remain visibly clean, and inspire confidence in your staff and external partners.

Meet Professional Standards

The most effective cleaning and maintenance companies work with professional associations. Examples in this area include:

  • Building Service Contractors Association International
  • Cleaning Management Institute

These memberships your cleaning partners access to training and logistical resources. These help them to train their staff and plan their work to the benefit of your business.

Solutions for Every Business

Are you running a smaller business? You might have concerns about the expense of a commercial cleaning service. But the best Watertown, WI companies are ready to work with you, however limited your budget.

The process begins with a consultation and site visit. This allows the company to assess your needs, discuss your strategic goals, and budget. They will then go away and prepare a proposal based on your circumstances. 

They also have experience in a wide range of industries and businesses. This includes general cleaning services for schools, retail stores, and office buildings.

They are also able to provide specialist cleaning services in sensitive businesses. This includes laboratories and medical facilities that have strict cleaning protocols. 

Solutions for industrial buildings often include a mixture of factory and office settings. Look for a business in Dodge County that can provide technicians who are trained to work safely on the factory floor, as well as in offices. 

Improve Office Health

You and your employees have been through a lot over the last couple of years. Keeping offices clean is not just about physical health. It has a positive impact on emotional and mental health as well. 

A study found that clutter makes it harder to focus. Mess is linked with negative emotions, such as tension and irritability.

A clean office will help your employees concentrate and work more productively. They’ll be happier at work, and you’ll hopefully avoid the expense and disruption of having to hire new employees. 

Choose ZBM Inc for Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Companies that outsource building cleaning and maintenance invest in their workforce.

Office health improves, and so can productivity. No one wants to spend many hours a day in an environment that’s less than clean. Your employees will look forward to coming to work, knowing that they’re in a safe and healthy environment.

At ZBM Inc. we provide tailored building cleaning and maintenance services for all kinds of businesses. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for your business?

Call us at 920-262-9471 or contact us online today!

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