Tips from the Pros: How to Get a Quality Commercial Floor Cleaning

Keeping commercial floors clean and maintained is an ongoing effort that involves multiple steps, staff, and (typically) a commercial floor cleaning service.

How to Hire a Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

Hiring a commercial floor cleaning service isn’t complicated, but it does involve two important steps and a lengthy decision process.

Make a list of building cleaning needs.

The first step of hiring a commercial floor cleaning service is an evaluation. Business owners and facility managers should compile a list of cleaning needs, including commercial floor cleanings. Some areas may need to be cleaned more often, such as shops and offices, while other areas, such as conference rooms, may not need regular commercial floor cleanings.

Contact commercial floor cleaning services for quotes.

The next step is to contact local commercial floor cleaning services with a list of services needed and questions, including:

  • “How long have you been in business?”
  • “Can you provide proof of insurance?”
  • “Do you background check your employees?”
  • “How do I usually schedule floor cleanings?”
  • “Who should I contact if the floor cleaning was not done to my satisfaction?”
  • “Can you provide a contract with all the terms and conditions by [date]?”

If the commercial floor cleaning services are needed as soon as possible, companies should ask about the availability of the cleaning company—and whether the company is available on the nights or weekends (if needed). The right floor cleaning service checks off all the criteria: experience, availability, price, and proof of insurance.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Offered

  • Tile Cleaning
  • Concrete Floor/Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Tips for a Smooth Commercial Floor Cleaning

  • Schedule commercial floor cleanings for times when traffic is low, such as overnight, evening, or during a company shutdown.
  • To maintain maximum productivity, coordinate floor cleanings with company events and schedules.
  • Most floors need to be cleaned every 3-6 months; maintain a regular schedule of commercial floor cleanings to extend the life of the floor and remove build-up.
  • Place rugs by all doors and exits and regularly vacuum floors as part of daily maintenance and cleaning.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Professional First Impression

A commercial floor cleaning keeps business floors clean and spotless, making regular clean-ups easier and a favorable impression on clients and visitors.


Clean floors are an important part of preserving productivity. Clean flooring, especially carpets, are an important part of maintaining air quality and reducing the amount of sick days from employee illness.


For workplaces with hard surface floors, floor cleaning also removes build-up and reduces the chance of slips, trips, and spills. This is beneficial in entryways, shops, in shipping departments, and common areas where employees and visitors frequent.

Building condition

A regular commercial floor clean can extend the life of the floor for years. Flooring in good condition also maintains building value.

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