What is considered a deep home cleaning?

washing dishes as part of a winter deep cleanDeep cleaning your house is either a love-or-hate kind of house cleaning task. Whether you love it or hate it, deep cleaning can take a lot of time (even if you use these tips for a fast home clean). To help you get through the task, we’ve compiled a list of home deep cleaning tasks that go above and beyond your regular house clean (or that you can give to your home cleaner for an even easier job).


  • Shower door cleaning
  • Wipe down light fixture and clean coverings
  • Clean bathroom fan
  • Mop & scrub bathroom floor
  • Clean behind and around toilet
  • Disinfect waste basket

Living room

  • Deep clean floors
  • Wipe down light fixtures and clean shades
  • Dust baseboard and window trim
  • Clean any personal items


  • Deep clean appliances
  • Wash range hood
  • Clean behind refrigerator and stove
  • Deep clean floors
  • Wipe down light fixtures and clean coverings
  • Clean cabinets (front and above cabinets)
  • Dust baseboard and window trim
  • Deep clean doors
  • Disinfect waste baskets

Your deep clean can vary, depending on what cleaning tasks (and rooms) you specify when you contact your cleaning service (here’s how to choose the best home cleaning service for your home). Whether you deep clean yourself or contact a cleaning service, the best part of any deep clean is the finished product: an incredibly clean home.

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