When to Throw in the Towel (on cleaning, that is!)

shutterstock_82187521Something’s got to give. When you’re traveling for work, ferrying the kids to school and afterschool activities or working extra hours to keep up with a demanding job, something’s got to give. Usually the casualty of a busy life is our home—specifically, the cleanliness of our home.

That’s when it’s invaluable to step back and evaluate your priorities and time. It’s time to hire a cleaning service. Why?

  • An organized and clean house is an easier house to function in. Even if it’s just psychological, most families can function better in a clean house. Part of that is the fact that it’s easier to find what you need (such as that shirt for your kid’s concert) and stay organized when you don’t have to wade through the piles of dust and stuff. Not worrying about cleaning your house also frees you up to worry about more important things, like taking care of your kids or managing your demanding schedule.
  • Allows you the time to devote to your top priorities. Whether your priorities have names, or are hobbies, you don’t want to spend all your spare time cleaning your home. Hiring a cleaning service gives you the freedom to spend you off-time off. If you travel for work, having outside cleaning help means a clean home, and someone to check in on your home (to make sure the pipes haven’t burst!), when you are away.
  • A cleaning service gives you more time to work—and make money. This is your classic profit versus cost evaluation. Will you make money cleaning or working on your next project?
  • You don’t have to stress about entertaining—specifically about preparing for company. Entertaining should be a pleasant experience, not an “I-didn’t-clean-my-house-and-I’m-stressed-about-what-they’ll-think” kind of event where you are paranoid about every speck of dust that you didn’t have time to clean.

Hiring a cleaning service does not have to mean that you give up cleaning your house. We have a friend who hired a cleaning service to only clean her bathrooms. Likewise, if you need a cleaning service only before you entertain, schedule as such. Or if you only want a certain room clean, give your cleaning service specific instruction. They work for you when you need it, giving you freedom and time so nothing’s got to give.

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