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7 Home Organization Tips for a Clutter-Free New Year

For many of us, the New Year comes with an itch. It’s an opportunity to take an “in with the new, out with the old” approach to cleaning your home (especially since you can’t go outside!). As you put your holiday gifts away and feel the itch to reorganize and de-clutter, use these tips for

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s clear to spring has come to Wisconsin. The temperatures are rising, snow is thawing and the spring mud is threatening our homes. That’s right: threatening. While Wisconsinites love spring, trying to keep your home clean and tackle spring cleaning among the mud is a challenge for even the most fastidious homeowner. What’s even more

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Get a Jump on Home Spring Cleaning

No matter what the ground hog predicted, spring fever is in the air.  Wisconsin residents are ready for the warm spring temperatures, even though winter is in full force. While we can’t bring you spring, we can bring you spring cleaning tasks you can tackle even in the middle of our cold Wisconsin winter—spring cleaning

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When to Throw in the Towel (on cleaning, that is!)

Something’s got to give. When you’re traveling for work, ferrying the kids to school and afterschool activities or working extra hours to keep up with a demanding job, something’s got to give. Usually the casualty of a busy life is our home—specifically, the cleanliness of our home. That’s when it’s invaluable to step back and

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