6 Winter Commercial Cleaning Tips for A Spotless Office All Winter Long

Winter commercial cleaning tips are an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy office in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, winter comes with dirty and slippery office flooring and interruptions in productivity from flu season and illnesses. Fortunately, there are steps businesses can take to keep their facilities clean, extend the life of flooring, and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

Prevent floor damage by cleaning the parking lot.

Tracked in snow and salt wears away the finish of floors and causes long-term damage, shortening the life of commercial flooring. There are many ways to prevent damage, starting with clearing the parking lot and not putting down excess salt on sidewalks.

Put down rugs by all exterior doors.

Rugs and mats are an integral part of preventing floor damage, and a top winter commercial cleaning tip. In addition to exterior doors, rugs and non-slip mats should also be placed in hallways, high traffic areas, and in doorways near carpeted rooms. For worker and visitor safety, wet floor signs should be put out when floors are slippery and during floor cleanings.

Maintain a regular floor cleaning schedule.

In addition to rugs, regular floor cleaning is an essential part of keeping an office space clean and spotless. Every type of flooring, including VCT floors, tile, wood, carpet, and vinyl, benefits from a regular flooring cleaning schedule. Floor cleaning removes built-up grime and salt residue, and extends the life of the flooring. Floors should be cleaned several times a day, especially after workers arrive and leave. The task can also be added to a list of cleaning tasks done after-hours by employees or a commercial cleaning service.

Sanitize commonly used areas.

Illness in the workplace disrupts productivity, leaving offices scrambling because of employee absences. For that reason, office sanitation is an essential winter commercial cleaning tip and an important addition to a facility cleaning checklist.

In businesses with high foot traffic, sanitation should be done several times a day. All door knobs, restroom surfaces, printers, fax machines, and commonly used surfaces should be sanitized with a disinfectant. Sanitation can also be added to after-hours cleaning done by employees or a commercial cleaning service.

Maintain and clean HVAC systems.

HVAC systems circulate allergens and can significantly increase operational costs if not properly maintained. HVAC maintenance should be performed annually. Some commercial cleaning services offer this service, and can be contacted for cleaning and commercial maintenance. Duct cleaning should be added done annually or every few years to prevent the circulation of common indoor allergens, such as dust, mold, and pollen. 

Clean office windows.

Window cleaning is traditionally thought of as a spring cleaning task, but it’s an important winter commercial cleaning tip too. Clean windows are an important part of facility maintenance and should be done on a regular basis—regardless of the temperature. Blinds and shades should also be cleaned to remove allergens and create a favorable impression. Clean windows can be an important part of maintaining facility value and health and safety.

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