Your Winter Facility Prep Checklist

warehouse floor after cleaning ready for winterFall is a busy time for businesses as they prepare the interior and exterior of their buildings for winter. Commercial buildings come with their own checklist of winter preparation tasks needed to get your company—and your employees—ready for another Wisconsin winter.


Energy audit-have your facility inspected from the roof to the floors to check for energy leaks that could be costing your company thousands.

Office pick up-fall is an ideal time to clean up piles of paper throughout the office and shred unneeded papers (or hire a professional shredding service to get rid of the paperwork).

Kitchen cleaninghire the professionals to deep clean your office kitchen. Clean out the refrigerator, wash counters, deep wash the floors, clean your appliances, and give your employees a safe place to eat their meals (full kitchen clean checklist here).

Curtain & blind wash-for the sake of the allergy sufferers in your workplace, as well as the condition of your window curtains and blinds, dust or wash all your window curtains and blinds.

Floor and rug cleaning-get your floors ready for the inevitable tracking of snow, ice and salt across your warehouse and office floor (both for appearance and safety). Hire a professional cleaning service to clean your rugs and wax, polish and carpet clean your facility during business off hours so your floors are protected from the winter grime.

Restroom sanitize-before the inevitable sick days and loss of productivity, hire the pros to give your facility restroom a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning that’ll impress your customers and keep your employees healthy during the cold and flu season.


Parking lot maintenance-get ready for the winter traffic and snow: maintain the parking lot and pick up the parking lot, lawns and outside areas around your workplace.

Building exterior maintenance-power wash the building and keep the exterior of your building looking professional and clean. If needed, hire a cleaning service that can handle interior and exterior cleaning.

Winter preparation landscaping-a thorough autumn landscaping is not optional, especially when preparing for winter. Hire a maintenance service to clean out dying vegetation (such as flowers, shrubs, etc.), trim trees so you don’t have any issues with ice building up and dropping branches, clean up branches and leaves so your storm drains are clear and clean off walks and steps before they are coated in snow.

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