5 Tips for Commercial Floor Cleaning

Do you live in Dodge or Jefferson County, WI, and own a commercial building? If so, one of the biggest challenges you may face when you own a business space is the task of commercial floor cleaning.

Many commercial buildings are subject to high foot traffic and constant use. Continued wear and tear on a building’s flooring can cause dirt and grime to accumulate fast! If not dealt with, this buildup can lead to a filthy appearance on your floor and poor indoor air quality.

Keeping your commercial floor clean is not only about aesthetics; unclean floors can also be problematic from an environmental standpoint. Also, did you know that a dirty floor will transmit moisture to the subflooring and foundation, causing it to rot? Keeping your commercial floor clean can help prevent these problems and reduce maintenance costs.

A fresh and tidy place of business is one of the biggest challenges for many companies. Read on to learn five valuable tips to keep your commercial floor sparkling clean and inviting for your customers and employees.

1. Create a Culture of Cleanliness

Everyone is busy, whether they are at a factory, a production plant, or an office. It’s simple for employees to become so preoccupied with their work that they adopt careless cleaning habits. It’s easy to think that someone else will clean up, and then it never seems to get done.

Cleaning is an element of everyone’s job. Management must set an example and promote a clean environment. This is also a crucial part of your workplace’s safety culture; a chaotic and unkept space is an accident waiting to happen!

Messy workplaces are dangerous places to work. Your company may suffer huge consequences that result in decreased productivity from accidents on the job.

Lots of garbage bins, cleaning tools, and frequent reminders should be available to your office staff and employees. A little healthy peer pressure can help everyone achieve greater standards of cleanliness.

2. Make a Cleaning Plan and Stick to It

Your cleaning staff must understand fully the commercial floor cleaning method you adopt in your company. Every member should have access to the written procedure. Have a manual available in your company office or break area.

Spend time teaching your employees how to follow procedures when they are being onboarded. Set them on the appropriate path at the beginning, and track their development.

Following a cleaning program will safeguard you in many ways. It avoids risks and cutting corners. A good technique to ensure responsibility is to use written logs.

Every employee should have proper instruction, products, and tools, and a requirement to adhere to the rules. This will include routine vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping.

Expecting your cleaning staff to know when to clean around your other workers will be impractical. Set cleaning schedules for them and make sure everyone is aware that these times must be observed.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Equipment and Products

Giving your team the proper cleaning supplies will simplify their task. Carpet, concrete floors, tile, and even hardwood make-up commercial flooring, and their amazing products for whatever type of flooring you have.

An investment in a scrubber/dryer machine may be a good choice for your company, based on the size of your facility. They make floors safer to walk on and shorten cleaning hours by quickly drying the surface. They are available in ride-on and walk-behind models.

Also, consider investing in a top-notch industrial vacuum cleaner. To maintain your vacuum cleaners, schedule weekly maintenance, and cleaning. There’s nothing more frustrating than a broken tool when you need something done.

4. Install Floor Mats

A key element of your defense against grime and dirt is the trusty floor mat. You can encourage people to clean their feet as they enter the building by installing them at all exterior entrances. By doing this, the transmission of dust and filth to other areas of the building may be reduced.

Ensure that you have a routine cleaning schedule for these entrance mats. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean some mats.

However, the majority of mats benefit from a routine cleaning with a pressure washer. Before returning them to their proper places, make sure they are dry.

5. Schedule Regular Deep Cleaning

Cleaning often will prevent dirt and grime from accumulating over time. However, to keep floor surfaces in excellent condition, you must schedule a routine, maybe even quarterly, deep cleaning.

Moving furniture is essential to keeping hard-to-reach spaces clean and tidy. To get the best results, you might also need to use specialized carpet cleaning machines or other cutting-edge cleaning equipment. One strategy to reduce disruption to your workforce is to schedule major cleaning for the weekends or days when your business is closed.

Bonus Tip: Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew 

Hiring a seasoned crew is the best advice for proper floor cleaning we can give you. There are numerous risks associated with cleaning. For this task, you require a team that has received proper training.

They are essential to ensuring the safety of the rest of your employees and must operate per OSHA regulations. Working with reputable commercial cleaning services, like ZBM Inc., when you need your floors cleaned gives you access to a team skilled in what they do. Also, they will make sure they are complying with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Also, hiring a professional team like ZBM Inc. will take the stress and worry out of the need to oversee your staff to make sure they get the job done. You can ensure a great result when you leave it to the pros.

You Need Commercial Floor Cleaning

If done right, cleaning your floors in your workplace gives a cozy and secure environment for all of your employees to enjoy. Your company needs careful planning, the appropriate staff, top-notch tools, and quality cleaning supplies. ZBM Inc. takes commercial floor cleaning seriously, and we are a Certified Full Service Cleaning Company in the Dodge and Jefferson County, WI, area.

Contact us or check out our Blog section for helpful information and tips. We are here to serve you and our community of business owners.

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