5 BIG Facility Disinfection Tips for a Healthy Workplace

Facility disinfections are a vital part of ensuring employee health and safety and go a step beyond a full office cleaning. A facility cleaning ensures that dirt and germs are reduced, while a facility disinfection completely eliminates germs. That’s why the latter needs to be a top priority for businesses during the pandemic, flu season, or when any illness spreads among employees.

Use the right disinfection products.

The right disinfection products can almost completely eliminate viruses and bacteria that cause illness, so it’s important to use a proven product from the CDC list of approved disinfectants. In addition to using these cleaners, companies should also research products to determine what personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed. Staff using disinfectants should be trained in administration and what PPE needs to be worn when disinfecting surfaces and restrooms.   

Step up restroom sanitations.

Company restrooms are a hot spot for germs, making them a top priority during a facility disinfection. Restrooms should be completely cleaned and disinfected, especially door knobs, toilet handles, faucets, dispensers, and trash cans. These full restroom disinfections should occur often, and during less-busy times. (A full disinfection can be done overnight by an experienced facility cleaning company to avoid interruptions to employee productivity.) Sanitizers should be placed in bathrooms where they can be easily used.

Disinfect frequently-used surfaces in common areas.

In addition to restrooms, counters, printers, and other common areas should be on the facility disinfection checklist. Counters, handles, and buttons on commonly used appliances (i.e. refrigerators, toasters, etc.) should be disinfected. As often as possible throughout the day, cabinet handles and door knobs should be wiped down in between staff uses.

Make sanitization stations available.

Employees should and can be part of the effort to keep everyone safe. Companies should make sanitization stations available with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and other products that employees need to be safe. Sanitizing information should be made readily available so employees can clean their workstations and common areas.

Don’t forget electronics.

Electronics are frequently touched and used by employees, making these devices a top priority on a facility disinfection checklist. These devices include (but are not limited to) touch screens, phones, laptop keyboards, and tablets.

Some electronics are easy to clean, such as touch screens that can be wiped down. Other devices are more complicated to clean to avoid damage, though the electronic should be cleaned with an alcohol-based product that contains at least 70% alcohol. In addition to electronics, companies should use experienced cleaning companies and facility cleaning guidelines from the US Center for Disease Control.

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