What Can You Expect When Hiring Trauma Clean Up Companies?

The last thing any family or business wants to deal with is a violent crime in their home or on their premises.

But the sad fact is that after years of decline, there has been a rise in homicides across the country in the last two years. If you face the unspeakable situation of having a crime scene to deal with, you need the help of trauma clean up companies.

These companies have special training to deal with anything that they may find. They do it in a way that lessens stress and distress for you. They can also help you in the event of a tragic accident or other trauma. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when hiring trauma clean up companies. 

Professionalism and Dignity

No one would ever want to have to clean up a crime scene, or an area where another trauma has taken place. 

However, when you hire trauma clean up companies, you’re hiring a group of professionals who have seen this kind of thing before. They are able to process the situation and focus on your feelings. Their goal is to make the process as painless for you as possible. 

You can expect them to come in and work quietly and with dignity.

Attention to Detail

It’s especially important for trauma cleaning services to pay attention to detail. Each situation is different, but contaminants are often not confined to a small area. You need to employ a team who will leave no stone unturned during the cleaning process. 

Cleaners who specialize in biohazard removal understand the importance of thoroughness. They will not leave until every square inch has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. 

Trained and Certified

A trauma cleaning company has two goals:

  • To restore your home or business to a state of good hygiene
  • To protect their own personnel and others while doing so

The safety-first approach begins with training. Before they can work on post-trauma cleaning sites, all personnel receive thorough training. This includes how to work wearing PPE, safe practices for handling hazardous items. 

They also receive training in the safe disposal of contaminants. These could include blood, bodily fluids, chemicals, and drug paraphernalia. 

Personnel receive training to deal with all manner of substances, and they will do so in a safe manner. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sets safety standards. Additionally, states may set safety regulations for crime scene cleaners to follow. 

For example, they can handle:

All personnel receive specific bloodborne pathogens training. This helps them to understand how these diseases spread and how to protect themselves and others from them. 

Certain contaminants must be disposed of in accordance with federal regulations. Regulated medical waste containers will be used for this purpose. 

Protective Gear for Personnel 

Trauma cleaning services protect their personnel by providing full PPE. This includes a biohazard BBP-rated coverall. They also wear a full-face respirator mask. 

They wear foot protection in the form of chemical-resistant boot covers and strong latex gloves. In some situations, they may also wear leather gloves beneath for additional physical protection.

The Post-Trauma Cleaning Process

Post-trauma cleaning follows a systematic and methodical process. Generally, trauma clean up companies will complete the following steps.

Site Survey

First, a supervisor will thoroughly assess the site. This will allow them to ascertain the cleaning equipment, materials, and personnel needed. They can then provide an estimate and begin to plan the clean.

Contamination Control

The supervisor will divide the site into three areas:

  • Clean area – for storing materials and supplies
  • Buffer zone – for changing out of contaminated PPE and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Control zone – the contaminated area

The cleaning process will begin with the removal of all visible dirt and waste. If items such as furniture too badly damaged to restore, the supervisor will talk to the owner about disposing of them.

The team will employ safe cleaning techniques to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. If needed, air filtration systems can remove airborne pathogens.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the disinfection process can begin. The team will use chemical disinfectants in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  

Finally, the team will deodorize the formerly contaminated area.

ATP Testing

Before the cleaned and sanitized area can be handed back to the property owner, it must be ATP tested. This is the same protocol used in hospitals. It checks that the biohazards in the area were removed by the cleaning process.

Local, state, and federal regulations dictate standards for these tests. If the area does not pass, it will be cleaned again until it passes the test.

This means that you can have total confidence that the area is now clean and safe for you to use again. 

Disaster Restoration from Trauma Clean Up Companies

At times, trauma can cause damage to property as well as to people. 

In these situations, you need to call a trauma cleaning company that can provide disaster restoration services. Look for a company that has strong relationships with insurance carriers. In some cases, insurers may be able to cover some or all of the cost of these services.

Disaster restoration services can help restore your home and erase the visible aftereffects of the trauma. 

Choose ZMB Inc. For Your Post-Trauma Cleaning Needs

Trauma clean up companies are there to take away one of the burdens you have to deal with post-trauma. 

Not only will they restore your home or business to its former condition, but they will also ensure that it is safe for everyone. They will handle the disposal of contaminants so you don’t have to. 

If you need trauma cleaning services, choose ZMB Inc. We are a full-service cleaning company, working 365 days a year for our clients.

We serve customers throughout Dodge and Jefferson Counties. We will take responsibility for your post-trauma cleaning from start to finish.

Request a quote today.

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